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Regional Strategies


                  Asia-Pacific gears up for e-government opportunities

                  Cambodia Takes On Monumental Task Of Embracing Internet Age

                  E-commerce, Digital divide are key concerns in Net's future

                  e-Dinars, e-Tijara: Tunisia Embarks On Ambitious Internet Plan

                  Empowerment And Cyberspace: The Many Faces Of New Media

                  Internet fever reaches the top of the world

                  New report highlights entrepreneurial drive in India

                  Sri Lanka searches for niche in Internet Age

                  The Governance Challenge: Creating a Smart and Secure Cyberspace

                  The Next Net Frontiers: Mobile space, Name space, and Open space

       Book Reviews

                   IT Parks of the Asia-Pacific: Lessons for the Regional Digital Divide

                   IT Experience in India: Bridging the Digital Divide

                   China and the Internet: Politics of the Digital Leap Forward

                   The Internet Galaxy: Reflections on the Internet, Business and Society

                   Cloning Silicon Valley: The Next Generation High-Tech Hotspots

                   Cyberlaw: The Indian Perspective

                   Information Technology Diffusion in the Asia Pacific

                   Reinventing Government in the Information Age


                   Asian Networks Will Be The Next Big Force In Silicon Valley

                   Australia needs to speed up broadband Internet access

                   Creating a Policy Framework for Australia in the Information Age

                   The Net Can Help Boost Cooperation Among South Asian Countries

                   We are leading Singapore's drive to become a global infocomm centre and world-wide digital hub

Software Solutions


                  CFOs face transformed roles in Internet era

                  CIOs must master knowledge management, m-commerce

                  Click and Park: The Future of the Parking Industry

                  Conference highlights Internet advantage for Indian banks and financial Institution

                  Despite dotcom bust, Internet will continue to change banking

                  Internet startups need to adapt, redefine

                  Internet Telephony in India: The Controversy Continues

                  Internet-enabled supply chain management

                  Market Opportunities, Standardisation Challenges

                  Online Personal Finance Services: High-Tech, High-Touch

                  South Korea aims for global leadership

                  Worldwide IT Market To Rebound By Mid-2002

       Book Reviews

                   Customer-Effective Web Sites

                   Email Marketing: Using Email to Reach Your Target Audience

                   The E-business Workplace: Discovering The Power Of Enterprise Portal

                   The Eleven Immutable Laws of Internet Branding

                   The Seven Steps to Nirvana: Strategic Insights Into e-Business Transformation

                   ASPs Will Change The Way People Think Of Computing

                   B2B channels are a lucrative opportunity for apparel companies

                   Build a "Dot Corps" and not just a "Dot com"

                   E-businesses and online consumers must make security their top concern

                   Internet can be used to bridge inequities in medical information

                   Major Web sites could be branded as "Powered by India" 

                   Open Sesame: Internet Can Be Magic Wand For SMEs


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