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The Deliberate Approach to KM

IN DEPTH: Learning through Knowledge Management By Pervaiz K. Ahmed, K.K. Lim and Ann Y.E. Loh


by Madanmohan Rao

Monday, July 07, 2003


This is an informative book on knowledge management principles backed up by 18 case studies of KM practices in a variety of sectors: energy, government, software, airlines and automotive. 

Pervaiz K. Ahmed is a management professor at the University of Wolverhampton. K.K. Lim and Ann Y.E. Loh are with PSB Corporation in Singapore.

The six chapters in Part One of the book cover theoretical issues of KM like culture, leadership and measurement. Part Two includes 18 case studies of KM in action: British Airways, BP Amoco, Celemi, Chevron, CMG, Ford, HP, Honda, IBM, ICL, Lucent, Monsanto, Pacific Western Airlines, UK Post Office, Quindnunc, Singapore Airlines, Swedish National Crime Intelligence and Xerox.

Read the full review at Destination KM


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