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Content and Community: Nuts and Bolts of KM

A report from the May KnowledgeNets 2003 conference in ST1:CITY>New York City


by Madanmohan Rao

Monday, July 07, 2003

Coupled with cultural promotion of a knowledge environment, content and community tools continue to form the bedrock of KM implementations today, according to speakers at the recent KnowledgeNets 2003 conference in New York city, hosted by InfoToday (www.infotoday.com).

Content management support for KM systems involves important roles like portal administrator, content authors and editors, advised Farida Hasanali, content manager at the American Productivity and Quality Centre (www.apqc.org). 

APQC spent US$700,000 on its CMS system which included a combination of Interwoven for content management, Verity for searching and ATG for portal. Within a year of launch in April 2002, the CMS had over 12,000 registered users, 6,200 different content items and an average of 50-60 active sessions (peaking at 600).

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